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本文摘要:Selfies could soon be even sharper, if claims about Apples next iPhone are confirmed.若关于下一代iPhone的推断有误,自拍电影体验也许不会更为炫酷。


Selfies could soon be even sharper, if claims about Apples next iPhone are confirmed.若关于下一代iPhone的推断有误,自拍电影体验也许不会更为炫酷。Experts analysed the recent test version of iOS 9 released by the firm - and founds hints of a big upgrade for the handsets front facing camera.涉及专家对苹果公司最近公布的正式版iOS 9分析后指出,下一代手机的前置摄像头可能会大幅度升级。

It reveals full HD video capabilities and a flash could be coming to the front of the next iPhone.据传,下一代iPhone的前置摄像头反对高清视频摄制并配有闪光灯。Developer Hamza Sood has discovered code in iOS 9 that reveals support for changes to the front-facing FaceTime camera.开发人员Hamza Sood 在iOS 9中找到了一些在Face Time中反对改向前置摄像头的代码。According to the code, iOS 9 adds support for a FaceTime camera with 1080p video capture, up from the current 720p camera on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus…代码表明,iOS 9中前置的Facetime照相机可反对1080p视频画面捕猎,而目前的iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus仅有反对720p。

Code in iOS 9 also hints at support for capturing 240fps video at 720p using the front facing FaceTime camera, Sood notes.据Sood叙述,该代码还反对前置摄像头以720p的分辨率摄制帧亲率为240fps的慢动作摄影。The code include support for a front-facing camera flash — something Apple hasn’t included on any previous iPhone — and the ability to capture panoramic selfie photos using the front camera.代码中关于前置摄像头的反对功能还包括,之前系列不具备的前置闪光灯和前置摄像头全景自拍电影功能。Apples next iPhone will be released on September 25th, it has been revealed by Vodafone.据沃达丰透漏,新一代iPhone将于9月25日公布。In an email to staff seen by Mobile News, the operator also outlined pre-launch information, including plans to begin taking pre-orders for the device from September 18.Mobile News公开发表的员工内部邮件表明,运营商也在大力筹划iPhone公布的涉及事宜,还包括在9月18日开始法院预售订单。

The email described the device as the ‘New iPhone’, suggesting Apple may look to follow its strategy with its iPads by not giving it a number.邮件中把这款设备称作“新的iPhone”,指出或许苹果这次不会像给iPad命名时一样,不必数字。Several key features of the phone have already leaked.这款设备的一些功能早已被提早曝光。

An upgraded screen will be the main selling point.其核心卖点将是屏幕的升级。Its screen will know exactly how hard you are pressing it, and will have new smart features to take advantage of that, it has been claimed.据报,新款的屏幕可感官松开力度,并有一系列全新的“智能”功能。

The new technology could spawn new applications for the phones, such as a piano-playing app that would make different sounds when touched lightly or more heavily.这种新技术必定不会促成涉及应用于的研发,比如可以区分松开长短的弹钢琴软件。The new iPhone, expected to be unveiled in September, is also expected to borrow the aluminium and rose gold used in apples watch.这款预计于九月公布的新iPhone,很有可能会使用类似于苹果手表的铝制和玫瑰金两种材质。