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本文摘要:China’s internet tsar has lashed out at US cyber hacking allegations against his country, saying it was in fact the “world’s largest victim” of the practice.中国国家互联网信息办公室主任鲁炜批评了美国针对中国的网络攻击指控,他回应,实质上,中国是网络攻击的“主要受害国”。


China’s internet tsar has lashed out at US cyber hacking allegations against his country, saying it was in fact the “world’s largest victim” of the practice.中国国家互联网信息办公室主任鲁炜批评了美国针对中国的网络攻击指控,他回应,实质上,中国是网络攻击的“主要受害国”。Lu Wei, who boasts the imposing title of minister of cyberspace, told a Beijing press conference that in the past month, 10,000 websites had been hacked in China, along with 80 per cent of government sites. He said the majority of the attacks originated in the US.他在北京的一个新闻发布会上回应,中国每月有1万多个网站被伪造,80%的政府网站受到过反击。他回应,反击的主要来源是美国。

“There are some who accuse China of hacking, and here I must stress that we do not permit hacking of others’ networks to attain information,” said Mr Lu, adding: “China is the world’s main victim of cyber hacking.”鲁炜回应:“有些人污蔑中国实行黑客攻击,我要特别强调的是,中国不容许非法网络攻击,不容许通过网络来盗取他国的秘密。”他补足称之为:“中国是网络攻击的主要受害国。”US authorities have consistently alleged the contrary: that China-based internet hackers – some with clear links to the government – have been responsible for internet-based espionage as well as attempts to disable US networks. In May, the US indicted five Chinese nationals on cyber espionage charges, saying they were soldiers in China’s army.美国政府则仍然所持忽略的观点:坐落于中国的互联网黑客(其中一些显著与中国政府有关系)发动了互联网间谍活动,并企图令其美国网络中断。

今年5月,美国指控5名中国公民参予网络间谍活动,称之为他们系由中国军人。Mr Lu said smoothing out the Sino-US relationship was a priority and, to this end, the government had organised a conference, to be held in the scenic town of Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, near the headquarters of ecommerce giant Alibaba, for three days starting on November 19.鲁炜回应,中美关系成功发展是优先任务,为此,中国政府将在浙江美丽的乌镇举行世界互联网大会,11月19日揭幕,为期3天。

乌镇距离电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)总部不远处。Key government figures, as well as the chairmen of China’s three largest companies – Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent – had all agreed to attend, he said. The goal would be to “showcase the results of the first 20 years of the development of the Chinese internet”.他回应,许多国际政要以及中国三大互联网企业——百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴和腾讯(Tencent)——的董事长都表示同意参与此次大会。

大会的目的是“展现出中国互联网20年来的发展成果”。Despite the war of words between Beijing and Washington, he stressed the majority of the guests at the Wuzhen summit would be from the US.尽管中美之间不存在分歧,但他特别强调,在此次乌镇峰会上,美国来的客人将是最少的。As to China’s internet restrictions, Mr Lu took a position, common for Chinese officials, who do not publicly confirm the existence of wide-ranging censorship popularly known as the “great firewall”.在谈及中国的互联网容许措施时,鲁炜的态度与其他中国官员的广泛态度完全一致,即不公开发表证实不存在普遍的审查制度,这一制度被称作“屏蔽长城”。

“I have never tried to log on to Facebook, so I don’t know if it has been shut off,” he answered in response to a question about why the US social networking site had been blocked in China.他在问有关美国社交网站Facebook在中国无法访问的问题时回应:“我没用过这些网站的体验,我不告诉它们是不是被重开。”“We will not allow foreign companies to take over the market, take the Chinese people’s money and cause harm to the Chinese people,” he said, when asked vaguely about restrictions on foreign internet sites.在有记者含糊地问到有关针对外国互联网网站的容许时,他问:“我们现在不能允许的是,既占到了中国市场,又花钱了中国的钱,还来损害中国,这种情况我们是不能允许的。